A String of Duo Queue’s

So, the past couple days, I Duo’d with a friend (TheGoofQueen).  We did decently, until we hit a pretty bad losing streak.


For whatever reason, our matches weren’t clicking.  I don’t think we had any DC’s, we just got out played.  We took a break for the night and started fresh the next day.  We ended up doing quite a bit better. 🙂


We learned a bit, we played well, both as a team and individually, and we pulled out a pretty impressive set of wins.  Goof is now back into Bronze 2, and I am a win into my advancement back to Bronze 2, so things are looking up 😀



Hello there, Rahotou here.  I am currently a Bronze 3 Summoner in League of Legends, and this blog will be my record of my matches.  I hopefully will be streaming the games on Twitch, and linking the games to each post.  Ideally, I will be able to do a few matches a week, but until my schedule evens out, I’ll post when I can.  See you on the Rift!